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Ozima, M., Korenaga, J., and Yin, Q.-Z. (2012) The Earth: Its Birth and Growth (published by Cambridge University Press on April 12th, 2012) ISBN: 9781107600768 (paperback edition), ISBN: 9780521760256 (hardback edition)

Ozima, M. (小嶋稔), Korenaga, J. (是永淳), and Yin, Q.-Z. (尹慶柱) (2013) The Earth: Its Birth and Growth 地球進化概論 (Japanese Edition published by Iwanami Shoten Publisher 岩波書店, Tokyo, in July 2013 by arrangement with Cambridge University Press, translation by 柴田直子 譯).

New Yin Lab Papers

  • M.-H. Zhu, N. Artemieva, A. Morbidelli, Q.-Z. Yin, H. Becker, and K. Wünnemann (2019) Reconstructing the late accretion history of the Moon. Nature 571, 226-229 [Link]


  • Sanborn et al. (2019) Carbonaceous Achondrites Northwest Africa 6704/6693: Milestones for Early Solar System Chronology and Genealogy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 245, 577-596 [Link]


  • Zhou C., Huyskens M., Lang X., Xiao S., Yin Q.-Z. (2019) Calibrating the terminations of Cryogenian global glaciations. Geology. 47(3), 251-254 [Link]


  • Wimpenny et al. (2019) Reassessing the origin and chronology of the unique achondrite Asuka 881394: Implications for distribution of 26Al in the early Solar System. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 244, 478-501. [Link]

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